La'Salle Coaching is dedicated to helping others overcome the issues and pains of their past, using techniques to guide them forward victoriously in their purpose. Our main goal and desire is to help them move from a place to feeling weary to living whole. We are committed to "Helping Men & Women move from Weariness to Wholeness".

About Us

Meet Founder/President - Coach Tami

Tamara L. Bethea is a Certified Professional and Disaster Recovery Coach, wholeness coach, elder, psalmist, prayer warrior, motivational speaker, author and founder of Selah Time of Refreshing Prayer Call, La'Salle Coaching, and Abundant Hope Ministries.  Tamara has a desire to help people achieve reaching their maximum potential and purpose in life.  Tamara is all too familiar with the reality of how life's circumstances can make you feel crushed, weary, and bring you to a standstill having experienced a number of hardships, setbacks and painful situations at a young age; and understands fully how easy it is to get stuck in that place of pain.  However, she also knows and believes that being honest about where you were and are can be the catalyst to get you where you need to be.  Her heart's prayer and desire are to help men and women face what has been troubling them to help them overcome those things and walk victoriously in their purpose.  

"Remember we already have the VICTORY; everything else we go through is for our growth and the benefit of others."

- Tamara L. Bethea