The Necessity of Self-Evaluation

Today's Wisdom Wednesday Nugget by Min. Tamara Jones

The Necessity of Self-Evaluation

In most of our professional lives we must participate in either annual, quarterly or monthly evaluations. For the most part this evaluation comes in the form of our supervisors giving their input on our performance. But there are some employers who also require their workers to do self-evaluations. This requires us to sit and reflect on the work we have done, our interactions with co-workers/clients and examining where we want to go. This aspect of job performance is vital if we want to outline our careers and progress at our places of employment.

Well as servants of God, leaders in our respective kingdom assignments these self-evaluations are just as important! We often seek God for his approval and guidance on the endeavors we undertake, but how often do we sit and take stock of what it is we are doing and where we are going. It is vital on our journey in walking out our purpose that we taken frequent looks at ourselves, our agenda’s and our strategies to ensure we are operating in the right manner.

Sometimes in our self-evaluation we will find we may not be in the right place, doing it for the right reasons or utilizing our tools correctly. It’s ok. The evaluation is not meant to discourage you but to help you realign where you are and where you are going. Because our end result should always be to do what God has ordained for us in a manner that pleases him

Here are just a few questions to assist you on your journey of discovery:

1.) What’s My Why?

2.) What are my Values?

3.) What are my strengths and abilities?

4.) What strategies are working for me?

5.) What strategies are hindering me?

6.) What resources am I wasting?

7.) What resources am I utilizing properly?

8.) Where do I see myself in; a) 1 year b) 3 years c) 5 years

9.) What must I do to reach the goals I set within my timeframes?

10.) Am I doing what God has for me or simply what I’m comfortable doing?

Be Blessed